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What to expect

You're very welcome to come for a recce of Tangier Wood to take a look round the facilities and chat about your requirements before you make your booking.

Once you've confirmed your dates with us, your booking is 100% guaranteed so you don't need to worry about getting bumped off the land.

We'll work with you to create your bespoke programme and help complete all the paperwork you need ahead of your arrival.

On your day/evening of arrival we'll guide you into the woodland and, before we do anything, conduct a Cadet welcome and safety brief followed by a DS brief to ensure your staff and Cadets are comfortable and confident in the woodland and with the activities.

We're on hand to answer any questions or queries you might have in the run-up to your booking.

Once you're in Tangier Wood, our main effort is to ensure you and your Cadets have a really safe, smooth and enjoyable time.

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