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Tangier Wood is a 10acre woodland situated within a landscape historically characterised as Woodland and Forestry. It’s an Ancient Replanted Woodland, which The Forestry Commission considers as an area of high priority for woodland management and restoration.

We bought Tangier Wood in 2016 and have been working to regenerate it for the past 8 years.  


Our Woodland Management Plan sets out how we’re working to:

  • Restore and regenerate the native tree and shrub species

  • Protect and enhance the woodland habitat, biodiversity and resilience

  • Improve the socio-economic value of the woodland – creating spaces and facilities for training and educational opportunities; and maximising our capability to produce sustainable woodland products.


We do everything as sustainably as possible. This includes the way we’ve designed, built and use the facilities at Tangier Wood.


Where possible, we’ve built everything out of our own wood – using trees we’ve coppiced or selected for thinning. Any off-cuts get used for firewood and we use the sawdust and charcoal we generate for our composting toilet – so nothing goes to waste.


We use 100% plant-based soaps and washing liquids in Tangier Wood so no poisons or plastics can seep into our soil and seasonal streams.

Of interest to CCFs/ACFs

  • Mixed terrain woodland perfect for survival, bushcraft and fieldcraft activities.

  • Designated camp with purpose-built campfire.

  • Open-space teaching areas and covered outdoor spaces to cater for all weather conditions.

  • Archery, axe-throwing and air rifle ranges.

  • Digging and fires permitted onsite.

  • Onsite composting toilets.

  • Vehicle access with onsite and local overspill parking for Instructors. 

Of interest to DofE participants

  • Mixed and bio-diverse semi-ancient woodland. 

  • Sustainable woodland management plan and felling license approved by Forestry Commission.

  • Designated camping and cooking areas.

  • Environmentally friendly composting toilet.

  • Onsite parking, only 1km walk from Tunbridge Wells train station. 

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