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CCFs/ACFs we’ve worked with:

Ark Alexandra CCF - Brakenhale School CCF - Catford ACF - Charterhouse CCF - Claires Court School CCF - Cranbrook School CCF - Cranleigh CCF - Dorset ACF - Eastbourne College CCF - Hurstpierpoint College CCF - Marlborough College CCF - Reigate Grammar School CCF - RGS Guildford CCF - St Edmund’s School CCF - South-East London ACF - Sussex ACF

Marlborough College CCF

From the moment I arrived, it was evident that this outdoor education centre is a gem for those seeking a unique and enriching learning experience.


The standard of instruction at Tangier Wood is nothing short of outstanding. The instructors demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise, providing clear and concise guidance while fostering an environment of active learning. Their passion for the subjects they taught was infectious, making every lesson engaging and enjoyable.


Jordon and Jodie's dedication to assisting participants and creating a positive atmosphere was evident throughout the day. They went above and beyond to address questions, offer support, and make everyone feel included. It's rare to encounter such helpful and genuinely caring staff members, and their impact on the overall experience was significant.


The diverse range of activities provided a hands-on learning experience that was both challenging and rewarding. For cadets seeking to expand their skill set, Tangier Wood offers a unique and comprehensive learning opportunity. The combination of a stellar instructional team, engaging activities, and a beautiful natural setting makes Tangier Wood an exceptional choice for those looking to enhance their knowledge and capabilities.


In conclusion, my time at Tangier Wood was a transformative experience that exceeded all expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend this outdoor education centre to anyone seeking a blend of education, adventure, and personal development. The memories created and the skills acquired by the Marlborough College cadets at Tangier Wood will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.


Captain Sam J Brooks (Retd) | SSI Marlborough College CCF

Hurstpierpint College CCF

"Tangier Wood delivered some brilliant axe-throwing, archery and survival skills training for our Cadets and CFVAs. 10/10 would recommend!"


Maj Sam Amos, Hurstpierpoint College CCF

St Edmund’s School CCF

“We heard so much about this place from other Units - we went to meet Jordan and Jodie and have a look at what’s on offer and we weren’t disappointed. We decided to do a CCF sixth form survival package. The delivery and the way Jodie and Jordan were towards the staff and Cadets was second to none. The Cadets had an amazing 24hrs. Booking again to do another package with the younger Cadets. I highly recommend this excellent place.”

Csgt Trev French, St Edmund’s School CCF

Reigate Grammar School CCF

"So professional, attentive to the clients and friendly, our Cadets and staff felt at home from the word go. With such a breadth of knowledge and array of activities on offer, I would 100% recommend." 


Lt Andy Provost, Reigate Grammar CCF

Eastbourne College CCF

92% of cadets voted Tangier Wood as providing the best activity of the week!

Brakenhale School CCF

"WOW, what a 3 days we had at Tangier Wood. Thank you to Jodie and Jordan, for the best Cadet 3 day experience we have ever had.”


Captain Andy Bury, Brakenhale School CCF

Claires Court School CCF

“A great experience for our new Cadets on their first night under canvas. Jodie and Jordan provide an excellent teaching and learning experience in great surroundings. We will be booking our next visit shortly.”


WO1 Steve Larkin, Claires Court School CCF

Reigate Grammar School CCF 

"Outstanding from start to finish. the most professional, slick and action-packed programme delivered by high quality directing staff throughout. Without doubt we will be re-booking on a regular basis as Tangier Wood has it all."

Lt Rob Wilson, Reigate Grammar CCF

Catford ACF

"From the minute we arrived to when we left, we were met by a professional and well-conducted weekend. My Cadets were very impressed and we can't wait to book again so they can do more. I would highly recommend."

Simon Strange, Detachment Commander

Dorset (Shaftesbury) ACF Post Exercise Review

D&D ACF Whiteboard.jpg

Dorset (Gillingham) ACF Post Exercise Review

D&D ACF Whiteboard2.jpg
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