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About us

We’re Jodie and Jordan, husband and wife owners of Tangier Wood.


In 2014 we thought about the things that mattered to us. Being together. Being in nature. Having the freedom to grow our thinking, to take on new challenges and hopefully make a positive difference. To create a space where if we stick to what matters, good things will happen to us and those around us.


It’s taken us on a decade-long journey - from buying a woodland, to moving to the countryside, to leaving our jobs in the Army and in London - to creating Tangier Wood.


We always pictured Tangier Wood as a vehicle to provide us and others with more freedom and opportunity to experience and achieve new things.


The money we earn from working with Cadets, Duke of Edinburgh and other groups enables us to carry on working the woodland and support some great causes along the way.


Find out more about Helping Homeless Veterans UK and PALS Battalion CIC.

Jordan completed 22years military service In the Grenadier Guards (2000-2022). 


He spent a vast part of his career with the Reconnaissance Platoon. He deployed to Northern Ireland (2001), Kosovo (2003) and Bosnia (2004) before serving as Section Commander in Iraq (2006) and Afghanistan (2007); and Company Sergeant Major, The Inkerman Company, in South Sudan (2018).


He trained Officer Cadets as a Colour Sergeant at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) 2013-2015; and recruits at Army Training Regiment Pirbright (ATR Pirbright) 2008-2010.


In the final years of his career, Jordan led with Counter Terrorism capability and capacity building operations in the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Over his 22 years, he operated and trained all over the world in Desert, Jungle, Arctic and Mountain environments.

Jodie spent 18 years working in London, leading teams in corporate communications and stakeholder relations across the commercial, not-for-profit and charitable sectors. 

She later worked with corporations to meet environmental and sustainability goals in line with the ambition to get the UK to Net Zero by 2050.

She has qualifications in Sustainable Woodland Management and Social Forestry.​

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