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DofE Gold Residential


Off Grid Sustainable Woodland Management and Deer Skinning

At Tangier Wood we believe it’s still possible to live and work in harmony with nature, and for people to freely explore, learn and harness skills that will benefit them and the natural environment.

Since buying Tangier Wood in 2016, we (Jodie and Jordan) have been working to regenerate this 10acre site and open it up for others to enjoy. Cadets, Community Groups and Charities have joined us on this awesome journey, and DofE Gold Participants have a special role to play.


You’ll have a fully immersive, off-grid experience – empowered and given freedom of action to build the confidence and capabilities to sustain yourself and the woodland resources.


On day one, you’ll develop your outdoor skills to comfortably live and look after yourself while living off-grid. You’ll also learn how to skin a deer with our licensed game keeper.


On days two to three, you’ll learn about and undertake different methods of sustainable woodland management. You can also have a crack at axe-throwing and archery.


Days four to five you’ll put your learning and skills into practice to work your own patch of woodland in line with the goals you set for yourself and your team.


Throughout the week, Jordan will also dig into his 22yr military experience to offer up bonus skills such as tracking and ground sign awareness, and how to navigate using the natural environment (sun, moon, stars, trees, wind).


You’ll achieve your John Muir Discover Award, as part of your DofE experience – which is a nationally recognised environmental award focused on wild places.


You’ll be camping for the 5 days with plenty of time to relax and socialise around the fire. You’ll be cooking all your meals over the open fire, so by the end of the week you’ll be proficient in campfire cooking. We have environmentally friendly composting toilets and solar showers onsite.

Dates: 6-10 April  2024                Price: £245              20 participants per course

''One of the best experiences of my life. Thank you for teaching me so much over the five days I was there. Feel I grew as a person, conquered some of my fears and enjoyed every minute of it.''

Charlie, April 2023

''Take me back please.''

Mia, April 2023

''I had a really great time and I am so grateful for the experience! You were both so welcoming and lovely and I learnt a ton of new things about woodland management.''

Amelia, April 2023

''Thank you guys so much for this amazing programme!''

Grace, April 2023

''I really enjoyed the experience at Tangier Wood and the wide range of lessons and activities.''

Ewan, April 2023

5-day programme

Day 1

  • Introduction and welcome to Tangier Wood

  • Deer skinning

  • Tracking and ground sign awareness

  • John Muir Award

Day 3

  • Methods of woodland management

  • Woodland surveys and management plans

  • Archery

Day 4

Day 2

  • Conducting woodland survey

  • Enacting woodland management plans

  • History of UK woodlands and Tangier Wood

  • Principles of sustainability and woodland biodiversity

  • Different types of woodland and woodland structures

  • Timber processes and uses

  • Axe-throwing

Day 5

  • Enacting woodland management plans

  • Review of work carried out

  • Consolidation of learnings

  • Natural navigation

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