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Fieldcraft & tactics

We understand that fieldcraft and tactics provide some of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of a Cadet’s career.


We conduct and facilitate basic, intermediate and advanced fieldcraft and tactics at Tangier Wood. Anything from cooking in the field, to night patrolling, to conducting a strike onto our TIBUA compounds.


We create and run a bespoke programme with/for you. All activities are designed to develop and challenge Cadets at all levels – from new Recruits to Senior NCOs.

Units can bring their own SA80s for blank firing, paintball equipment (as long as the paint is biodegradable), or laser tag. Units can also utilise Tangier Wood airsoft equipment.


What is airsoft: Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military style replica weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball and conventional air rifles, airsoft are a special type of low-power smooth bore weapon, designed to shoot non-metallic spherical BBs. As its name states, airsoft is low velocity soft impact, originally designed to be fired player on player.


How we use airsoft in Tangier Wood: We use airsoft in Tangier Wood as we find this a safe and authentic vehicle to practice a wide range of military tactics. In Tangier Wood we only use airsoft to fire at recognised static targets. The airsoft equipment we use in Tangier Wood is battery powered (the lowest possible velocity) and does not require any air canisters.

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