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Annual camps

We offer an off-grid, sustainable woodland annual camp.


We have enough real estate – and activities on offer – for you to spend your entire time at Tangier Wood, with plenty of local activities for offsite days to enhance the variety of the camp.


We have a 6x10m sheltered area, with a campfire pit that can be used for teaching, dining and socialising.


Our 6x6m Roundhouse acts as the centralised Camp HQ, with staff basha sites surrounding within line of sight to the Cadet camp.


Safety, hygiene and sustainability are our top priorities. We have eco-friendly composting toilets (think wooden port-a-loo), antibacterial hand washing facilities and solar shower cubicles onsite.


You can do rations, fully catered breakfast, lunch and dinner - or a mixture of both -depending on your requirements and budget.


We create a bespoke programme for every Unit. Mix and match any of our activities - including fieldcraft and tactics, leadership, command and teamwork, and fun stuff - to create the ideal experience for your Cadets. No two camps will ever be the same.

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